Apple AirPods

I recently purchased the Apple AirPods. They were released in December 2016 so I was pretty late to make the purchase. The reason is that I didn’t think that wireless earphones would provide a much better user experience than wired earphones. I was wrong.

Here’s what I like about the AirPods:

  1. The ease with which the earphones automatically connect to your smartphone each time that you place them in your ears (I use an Android phone and Apple’s AirPods also connect to non-Apple phones using Bluetooth)
  2. The absence of the wires that often get tangled when using wired earphones
  3. The fact that, relative to wired earphones, they’re a less dismissive way of signaling to those around you that you’re not available to talk

I liked them so much that I purchased a second pair for my wife.

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