Turkey’s Internet Startups

Firat Demirel has been covering Turkey’s tech sector in general and startups in particular for close to 9 years as part of Turkey’s leading tech news website Webrazzi. This gives Firat access to many of Turkey’s leading tech entrepreneurs, a unique perspective on the evolution of the startups founded by these entrepreneurs, and the ability to communicate these stories in clear writing.

Firat is bringing each of these capabilities together to write the book “Turkiye’nin Internet Girisimleri” (translated “Turkey’s Internet Startups”). And he’s raising 40K TL in a reward-based crowdfunding campaign on Arikovani to support the effort.

From following Firat’s writing on Webrazzi, I’m confident that the book is going to be a success, so I participated in the campaign. If you’d also like to support Firat and the creation of this valuable book, you can do so here.

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