In an earlier post, I wrote about how our son’s curiosity for and resulting fascination with everything in life reminds me that each new moment is a miracle.

In that post, the reason I gave for why we often default to living as though nothing is a miracle is that we’ve experienced many things before.

However, there’s also a second reason why we often default to this approach. And that is that most of what we’re guided to do, especially as a child, is to complete tasks in predetermined subject areas. Rather than ask the questions that interest us and follow the paths that result from our attempts to answer these questions, we’re guided to complete predetermined tasks without asking questions. In other words, we’re guided to set aside our own curiosity for what society believes we should be curious about, to the extent that society believes we should be curious about it.

Fortunately, our own curiosity does not go away. It sits there, beneath layers of externally constructed interests.

Just like our son, and just like when you were a child, you just have to have the courage to let your curiosity surface.

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