Virtual reality applied to furniture browsing

Product categories with a high degree of product differentiation and high order values are challenging to sell purely online. For example, buying hard or modular furniture often benefits from a complementary visit to an offline showroom.

But what if you could perform the offline visit from the comfort of your home using virtual reality technology that lets you walk through the furniture showroom? This replicates the offline experience with one exception. It doesn’t offer the sense of touch. However, it’s enough to convert many customers. And the sense of touch is also likely to be baked into virtual reality in the future.

Here’s an example of the technology, developed by Matterport, applied to an Ikea showroom.

Also published on Medium.

  • Robert Hemmings

    It’s funny you mention this. We are currently developing this strategy at our software development company specific to the commercial office/education/healthcare furniture industries. B2B VR for enterprises to select furniture, create layouts, confirm furniture, and help with installation/training. I would love to speak with you about it further if you have interest.

  • Unfortunately this isn’t an area of investment focus for us. However, I think you’ve found a great VR application use case.