Showing up

Common wisdom is that achieving a breakthrough is about having a unique insight. This is only partially correct.

Having an insight is indeed part of the equation. But the insight doesn’t need to be unique. In fact, if it’s an important enough breakthrough, many people are likely to have it at roughly the same time. This is because many people read the same information, speak to the same people, and spend time processing and drawing conclusions from the same inputs.

Because of these reasons, having an insight is 1% of achieving a breakthrough.

If that’s the case, what’s the remaining 99%?

It’s acting on your insight each day. It’s pitching the results of your insight to people and finding believers. It’s using their feedback to fine tune your insight. It’s partnering with the true believers to build on and further propogate your insight.

In other words, it’s showing up.

Sometimes the market will reward you immediately for your insight. However, most of the time your insight will take time to gain acceptance. And after it is, it will eventually fall out of favor. And then be back in favor. And so on. The market is fickle.

However, if your insight is correct, you will eventually be rewarded. You just have to keep showing up.

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