When no reply means no

I was recently speaking with an entrepreneur who shared that he hasn’t received a reply from an investor to whom he reached out for funding. The entrepreneur had sent the investor a reminder email about a week after the initial contact, over a week had passed since the second email, and since he had yet to receive a reply he wanted to know whether he should try a third time.

I’ve faced similar situations when fundraisi g from limited partners. Around 90% of investors who eventually end up investing reply to your first email. Every once in a while, let’s say 10% of the time, there are valid reasons (personal or a very busy time period professionally) why an eventual investor doesn’t respond to your first outreach but does respond to your second. I haven’t come across an investor who didn’t respond to my first two outreaches respond to the third and end up investing.

So here’s my recommendation:

Try once. If you don’t get a reply, try again a week or two later. If you still don’t get a reply, understand that no reply means no.

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