C-level team members presenting to the board

I was recently speaking with an entrepreneur about his C-level team. He was trying to evaluate whether they were performing well enough or whether he should look for fresh blood for some of the roles.

Not knowing the team, I couldn’t provide specific comments on any individual. Instead, I offered this.

I told the entrepreneur that he should feel confident having each of his C-level team members present the function that they’re responsible for to the company’s board. For example, the CMO would present the company’s marketing activities and the CFO would present the company’s financial activities.

This approach requires that each team member know their function very well while also possessing the confidence and communication skills necessary for them to successfully lead the function. In fact, many companies with strong C-level teams use exactly this approach.

If you wouldn’t feel comfortable having a C-level team member present their function to your board, you likely don’t think that they’re performing sufficiently well in their role.

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