In a post from last year, I wrote about how The Information is the only news source which I pay an annual subscription fee to access. Most other news sources contain increasingly commoditized information for which I’m not willing to pay a subscription fee.

Recently, a second source of information for which I’m willing to a subscription fee has emerged: Stratechery.

In contrast to The Information which writes more about current events pertaining to tech startups, Stratechery shares insights about the strategies of large tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. This lets you draw you own implications for what these moves mean for startups.

Stratechery’s articles consist of strategic deep dives based on the earnings releases and public news around large tech companies. They not only aggregate and summarize the parts of the publicly available information that matter, but also use this information to draw well-reasoned insights that I can’t find elsewhere. This makes the articles harder to digest than those from other news sources but that’s also what makes them worthwhile.

Stratechery is the solo effort of Ben Thompson. As a result, there are 4 articles each week (one on each of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday). And since it’s a one-man operation, its $100 annual subscription fee is a lot less than the $600 annual fee for The Information.

I strongly encourage you to check it out.

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