Eren Bali

Eren Bali is a co-founder and current chairman of online education marketplace Udemy. Udemy is one of the world’s most successful tech companies founded by a Turkish entrepreneur.

Eren’s new venture Carbon, where we’re fortunate to be investors, hopes to make a similar dent in the healthcare space.

Here’s a talk which Eren gave at Etohum’s 2015 San Francisco event. I really liked what Eren had to say about how:

  1. Turkey is a large enough market that you can create a successful tech company by serving the local market alone, but it isn’t large enough to create a global leader. Therefore, Turkish companies that want to be global market leaders need to think internationally from day one.
  2. Some companies greatly benefit from starting in a particular geography. For example Udemy benefited from being in Silicon Valley. Some of the reasons for this are the location’s proximity to customers and early adopters.
  3. If a startup is performing well, it becomes easier to raise each successive round of funding.