Eksisozluk and Product Hunt for common sense feedback

When making an investment decision, it’s challenging to set aside your detailed perspective gained from research and analysis of the operational complexities of a company in favor of taking a bird’s eye view of the company’s performance.

As a concrete example, you may be intimately familiar with an e-commerce business’ attempts to lower its return rates and optimize its shipping and payment processing terms. This can cause you to overlook how many more potential customers exist in the company’s target market, and how it can most cost-effectively reach these customers. The latter should be much more important factors in your investment decision than the former.

At times like this, I find it useful to review the comments about a company on Eksisozluk in Turkey, and Product Hunt in the US. Product Hunt lets anyone share their views about a specific product. Eksisozluk has the same approach but also allows for entries in other categories like people. Eksisozluk has a more informal tone so some of the comments there can be abusive, and Product Hunt often has comments that don’t add too much value, like “this is a great idea”.

However, many of the comments are well intentioned and thoughtful. They carry common sense insights that get to the core of what the company is doing well and what it needs to improve. This makes them valuable assets to achieve the bird’s eye perspective that contributes to successful investment decisions.

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