Cross-posting to Medium

This blog is currently built on WordPress. After writing on WordPress, I also share a link to each day’s post on Twitter for distribution.

Starting today, I’m going to experiment with cross-posting each post on Medium. Medium has recently emerged as an easy-to-use and visually appealing platform for writers to publish their content and be discovered by readers. Unlike WordPress which serves primarily as a publishing tool and Twitter which serves primarily as a discovery tool, Medium seeks to address both needs.

Depending on my experiences using Medium as a publishing tool, and how it impacts the number of people that this blog reaches, I’m going to decide whether to stick to publishing on WordPress or move over to Medium.

You can see the Medium version of this blog post here.

And if you’re a blogger who currently uses WordPress but would also like to cross-post to Medium, you can set that up by following the instructions here.

Also published on Medium.