Thank you Sevla

Sevla Serbest, our HR head who helped our startups with their hiring and employee retention activities, recently left us to join financial product comparison startup Bayzat. Bayzat is based in Dubai and Sevla had long wanted her next career move to be abroad so this move helps achieve that goal.

During the two and a half years that we worked together, Sevla was an amazing contributor to our startups. She has helped some of our startups hire close to half of their team, and has shared valuable advice on how to attract the right people and build a company culture that motivates them once they start working.

Sevla’s contributions didn’t go unnoticed by our startups. In a survey last year where we asked our startups what we were doing right and how we could improve our services, Sevla was one of the most popular answers for what we were doing right.

Sevla was also a genuine pleasure to work with. We would meet once a week to review what she had worked on over the last week and what she was currently focusing on. During these meetings, Sevla would regularly come up with proposals to help us better serve our startups. We would review the ideas together and, if we decided to implement them which was often the case, she would take full ownership of executing the idea to perfection.

I thank Sevla for her deep contributions to our startups, and am confident that she’s going to continue to create tremendous value in her new role at Bayzat.