Non-consensus and right

I like reading Tim Urban’s posts which distill complex issues into their fundamental parts in order to arrive at informed conclusions on a particular topic. Tim writes at Wait But Why and I strongly encourage you to read the posts that are interesting to you. Just make sure you dedicate at least an hour to each post as it takes a while to read the post, let your thoughts settle in, and internalize the post’s conclusions.

The most recent post I read is about why you should stop caring about what other people think about you. Tim does an excellent job of dissecting the reasons why it made some sense to care about this in the past, why even in the past the degree to which people cared was greater than what it rationally should have been, and why it makes much less sense to care about it in today’s world.

Not caring about what others think is a very important trait for successful entrepreneurs and investors. The best companies emerge when you’re non-consensus and right, and Tim’s post does a great job of showing you the rational thinking behind why you shouldn’t be afraid of being non-consensus if your authentic voice tells you that you’re right.