Yesterday is irrelevant

Michael Moritz is the chairman of venture firm Sequoia Capital.

At a recent dinner hosted by Y Combinator, Michael shared the core reason behind Sequoia’s continued success as believing that “yesterday is irrelevant”.

What this means is that you can’t let your past successes or failures define what you’re going to do and how much effort you’re going to put in to what you’re doing today. Each day is a new opportunity for everyone in the world to work smartly towards whatever goal they’ve set for themselves. At the end of the day, you will either have made more or less progress towards your goal than your competitors.

If you believe that yesterday matters, you won’t work hard enough (if you see yourself as already being successful) or you won’t work confidently enough (if you see yourself as not being successful) to succeed. Only if you believe that yesterday is irrelevant will you, no matter what your starting point is, eventually succeed.