Mobilotoservis’ quality and price transparency

Our portfolio company Mobilotoservis (“mobile auto service” in Turkish) is a car repair and maintenance service that visits your home or office to perform the service.┬áMobilotoservis’ most striking value proposition is therefore that it saves you a trip to the service location.

However, Mobilotoservis also delivers value to customers in a second important way. This is by bringing quality and price transparency to the spare parts used in car servicing. Since the average car owner gets their car serviced only 1 to 2 times a year, they don’t spend much time to research the quality and price of different spare parts. And many car services take advantage of this information asymmetry by overcharging for the spare parts they use. This involves a combination of not disclosing the low quality spare parts they’re using and using higher margin branded spare parts that offer no quality difference over their unbranded equivalents.

Until recently, Mobilotoservis solved this problem by performing all of their services in full view of the customer, using unbranded spare parts whenever there is no quality trade-off, and clearly stating why they needed to use branded spare parts when this was the case.

Most recently, Mobilotoservis took another important step towards bringing quality and price transparency to┬áthe car servicing process. Specifically, Mobilotoservis launched its spare parts e-commerce catalogue under the Yedek Parca (“spare parts” in Turkish) section of its website. Now, even if you’re not a Mobilotoservis customer, you can input your car’s make and model and immediately see the prices of hundreds of spare parts specific to your car. These prices also benefit from the volume agreements which Mobilotoservis’ service arm has in place with spare parts manufacturers.

You can then cross-check these prices with the prices which your car service is quoting. If you discover that your car service is overcharging you for the spare parts, you can either order the spare parts yourself and pay your service only for the labor, or have Mobilotoservis perform your car’s service using the transparent spare parts prices available on its website.