Markafoni products on Kapgel

This is the second time this week that I’m writing about our on-demand goods delivery company Kapgel. I try to avoid covering similar topics back-to-back but Kapgel is executing very well so I decided to make an exception.

My first post was about Kapgel launching its delivery service in Sariyer. This post is to share that you can now order Markafoni products on the Kapgel app. Markafoni is one of Turkey’s leading e-commerce sites. It started off as a private shopping site and expanded into regular e-commerce from there. Together with its Kapgel partnership, the products available at Markafoni’s Zorlu Center offline store in Istanbul are now available for delivery in less than an hour to Istanbul-based customers.

Based on the results of this initial partnership, there’s a lot of room to do more. For example, the product range available on Kapgel can be expanded to include products at Markafoni’s warehouse, and Markafoni can leverage Kapgel’s courier network to power the deliveries which its Istanbul-based customers place through Markafoni’s web and mobile channels.

The ability to deliver products to your customers in under an hour, rather than the days that it takes to deliver cargo-based orders to your customers, is an important differentiator in today’s increasingly competitive e-commerce space.