Kapgel serving Sariyer

Our portfolio company Kapgel recently started serving the Sariyer region of Istanbul. Kapgel is an on-demand goods delivery app and I care about its Sariyer expansion because I live in Emirgan which is part of Sariyer.

Since Kapgel used to not serve my home, and since I have a very mobile job during the day, I primarily used Kapgel to deliver surprise lattes to my wife’s office in Sisli. Sisli is an area that Kapgel has been serving since it launched.

I used to remind Kapgel’s founder Cetin that they have an investor living in Sariyer so it should be a priority for their expansion. Of course this was justĀ a joke because the company’s expansion plans need to respond to city-wide demand, not investor demand. However, city-wide demand also supported expanding to Sariyer because it’s home to many offices in Maslak, a part of Sariyer, and office workers are a big source of Kapgel users.

I’m glad that Kapgel has started serving Sariyer. I was craving tiramisu the other day so I just opened the Kapgel app and placed an order for it from Saray Muhallebicisi. It was at my doorstep 25 minutes later.

If you live or work in Sariyer, Kapgel is now ready to serve you as well.