Flipps is one of our US investments. It’s a mobile app that lets you stream content which you select from the app directly from the cloud to your smart TV. You can think of it as an over the top content provider like Apple TV or Google Chromecast without the additional hardware requirement.

With over 15 million downloads, Flipps has struck a chord with viewers looking for different types of content across a wide range of verticals including news, sports, music, and movies. To build on the success of its existing horizontal app, Flipps decided to launch a vertical app delivering a specific type of content.

We had three requirements for the vertical app. It needed to have a lot of demand from viewers, the content needed to leverage Flipps’ core value proposition of delivering a better experience when viewed on a large TV screen rather than on a small smartphone screen, and we needed to be able to secure content rights at reasonable prices. After researching different verticals, we settled on fighting sports which meets all three requirements. Fighting sports include mixed martial arts, wrestling, and boxing.

After several months of business and product development, yesterday Flipps launched FITE TV, its app dedicated to delivering fighting sports content. You can download the iOS app here and the Android app here.

FITE TV has some great content at launch and this content will get even better with time. We’re excited for the future of the app.