Being a courier

I’m a regular customer of our on-demand goods delivery service Kapgel. However, until recently, I had yet to experience the other side of the service. Specifically, I hadn’t served as a courier who fulfills the customer orders that come from the Kapgel app. So I decided to change that.

This Monday morning, I served as a Kapgel courier in the Levent area of Istanbul. I received and fulfilled two orders during the two hours that I worked. The orders came from two local law firms, and I shared my feedback about how Kapgel can improve the courier experience with the team. My feedback focused on the courier app experience, the mapping technology, and the means of payment.

However, my most important takeaways weren’t about what Kapgel can do to improve the courier experience but about what it’s like to hold the job of a courier independent of Kapgel. The reason is that Kapgel can easily address the issues they’re responsible for to improve their courier experience. The other challenges of being a courier, on the other hand, are much more difficult to solve.

I rushed from merchant to customer to merchant to customer during the two hours that I worked. Despite delivering the orders on time and without any damage, I didn’t receive any appreciation from the customers. They simply took the orders. I wasn’t expecting a tip, but I would have appreciated a “thank you”.

While at the first merchant, there was a problem with my payment. The cashier likely recognized that I was a courier from the fact that the card I was using for the payment belonged to Kapgel, and gave a condescending laugh while stating “I think you’ve run out of funds”.

So although I did my best to the point where I was sweating at the end of the experience, I received no appreciation from customers and was laughed at by a merchant. And this was in the span of two hours. Doing this job full time every day is much tougher.

Just because a job is routine doesn’t mean it’s easy. As a result of this experience, when a courier (or any other service professional performing a routine task) does work for me in the future, I’m going to remember to let them know I appreciate their effort.