Why I don’t share job openings on social media

I often receive requests from our portfolio companies to share their job openings on social media (Twitter, Facebook, …). I used to see these requests as opportunities to help our startups with their recruiting and would gladly share the job openings.

However, I no longer do. The reason is because I’ve discovered that social media is a poor way to find great employees. Specifically, it fills the top of your recruitment funnel with tens of applications, but these applications are unlikely to make it to the bottom of your funnel. This is because the people who see and apply to the job opening through social media are not filtered. They’re not coming through a trusted channel like your company’s internal candidate referral system, are not the result of a targeted search on a professional network like LinkedIn, and haven’t actively been following the company for a job opening as is the case for candidates originating from online job boards. I’ve discovered that these are, in order of decreasing success rate, our companies’ most important recruitment channels.

So if you’re a portfolio company that requests that I share a job opening on social media, this is why I don’t do it. Instead, I recommend that you leverage your company’s internal candidate referral system and guide you to work with our HR head Sevla who helps our companies discover targeted candidates through LinkedIn and online job boards. Depending on the role, I’m also glad to help out.