podcast is one of Europe’s leading sources for tech news. They also host a weekly podcast where Roxanne Varza and Nick Murray discuss the week’s most interesting stories from the European tech scene. The podcasts also feature specific individuals in the European tech ecosystem and they featured me in this week’s podcast.

As mentioned in the podcast, I wasn’t interviewed for the session. So the session is based on publicly available information.

Although there are some small corrections (like the pronunciation of my name as Johnkoot rather than Cancut, the number of investments we’ve made being over 60 rather than 20, and the fact that my undergraduate degrees are in economics and management science, not engineering), it’s a great take on what we do and my background. Roxanne even got it right that my habit of daily blogging was inspired by Fred Wilson.

Thanks to Roxanne, Nick, and the team for covering Turkey, and to Naz from Atomico for the referral.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to embed the podcast in this post so if you’d like to listen to it you can do so from 11:53 to 15:12 at this link.