Nazim from Bitaksi and Getir

Nazim Salur, the founder of Bitaksi and Getir, two of Turkey’s most popular on-demand mobile apps, was recently on Bloomberg HT. Bitaksi, where we’re investors, lets passengers hail taxis, and Getir delivers a selection of 340 consumer products to your door in less than 10 minutes.

In the interview, Nazim shares his views on the mobile app ecosystem. I really liked two of the points he made.

The first was his belief that we’re still scratching the surface of what’s possible on mobile. Nazim believes that 20 years from now, we’re going to look back and see that in 2016, we were only using 3% of the kinds of apps that are available in 2035. 97% have yet to be created. No one can know the exact percentages, but I think that Nazim is directionally correct. The mobile space remains a big opportunity for both entrepreneurs and investors.

Second, Nazim compared the job of a mobile app developer to that of a jeweler. A great jeweler delivers something very valuable that’s packed into a small space by paying a lot of attention to detail. Similarly, successful mobile apps deliver a lot of value to their user through the small screen of a smartphone. This requires thoughtful and meticulous design so as to use the limited number of pixels available on a smartphone screen to produce the best possible user experience.

You can watch the full interview in Turkish below.