Murat from Meal Box

Murat Demirhan, co-founder of our on-demand healthy Turkish meal delivery company Meal Box, recently participated in an interview on CNBC-e.

In the interview, Murat talks about the food tech space in general as well as Meal Box’s specific positioning in the space. Murat shares three important pieces of information in the interview:

  1. The majority of Meal Box’s sales still come from its web channel rather than its mobile channels. This is a big opportunity for the company.
  2. Meal Box is currently active only in Istanbul. It has yet to serve the rest of Turkey. Given the healthy homemade Turkish food that it serves, it is likely to be well received in the rest of Turkey as well. This is a second big opportunity for the company.
  3. There are four large pizza delivery chains in Turkey. In contrast, there are no large healthy Turkish meal delivery chains in the country. There are only mom-and-pop restaurants and small chains. This isn’t because of a lack of demand. Turkish people eat more Turkish food than pizza. The problems so far have been on the supply side. These problems include the challenges of producing Turkish food at a consistently high standardized quality and delivering this food to customers fast without compromising the food. These are the problems that Meal Box is solving.

You can watch the full video in Turkish below.