Drafting email intro requests

I’ve recently started applying a new approach when requesting an introduction to someone from a mutual contact. I used to simply request the introduction, stating why I wanted to talk to the person I was requesting to be introduced to.

Now, in addition to explaining why I want to talk to the person, I let our mutual contact know that I’d be glad to draft an email intro for them to forward along. This saves them the time of drafting such an email from a position where they have less contextual information about what I want to talk about. Since I know this, it takes me less time to draft the email than it would take them.

More important than the efficiency perspective is the fact that writing the email intro is the right thing to do for someone who is helping you by making an introduction. They’re placing their reputation on the line by performing the intro. In exchange, it makes you feel good to be able to save them some time.

A final benefit of stating that you’d be glad to draft the email intro is that it makes it more likely that your mutual contact accepts to perform the intro. By showing your positive intent, you make it more likely for that positive intent to be reciprocated.

So drafting your email intro request is the right thing to do, it’s more efficient, and it makes it more likely that your intro request is fulfilled. It makes a lot of sense.