Webrazzi Ventures

Webrazzi, where we’re investors, is the leading tech news website of Turkey. Since its launch in 2006, it has expanded from covering the tech news to hosting events like the Webrazzi Summit and thematic conferences and selling tech gadgets through the Webrazzi Store.

With its most recent expansion, Webrazzi is also becoming an accelerator and an incubator. Webrazzi Ventures‘ goal is to provide seed funding, in-house services, and a strong network to help build global startups out of Turkey.

Webrazzi fills a central role in Turkey’s tech ecosystem. This gives it access to a wide range of current and former tech entrepreneurs with the know-how necessary to build a successful tech business. It’s also well known outside the sector. If someone outside the sector wants to find out about what’s going on in Turkey’s tech sector, they go to Webrazzi. This gives Webrazzi the ability to build relationships with business partners across sectors. Both are very valuable for aspiring entrepreneurs, so building Webrazzi Ventures makes a lot of sense.

The specifics of the accelerator/incubator, like its leadership team, any sector focus, investment amounts and terms, and post-investment operating model have yet to be announced. However, Webrazzi Ventures is well positioned to emerge as an important contributor to Turkey’s seed stage startups. I welcome Webrazzi’s new role.