The Steve Jobs movie

I watched the Steve Jobs movie over the weekend. Although it has a 7.7 IMDB rating, I didn’t like it.

The movie basically shares three product launch events which Steve led. The first is of the Macintosh when Steve was at Apple in 1984, the second is of the NeXT computer at his second company of the same name, and the third is of the iMac after his return to Apple in 1998. These launch events are positioned as the pivotal moments of Steve’s life, and his conversations in the half hour leading to each launch are used to fill in his life’s details. The result is a series of heavily dramaticized conversations that make for entertaining viewing but don’t shed light on Steve and his teams’ approach to creativity, their product decision making process, and approach to marketing.

The movie focuses on the outputs of Steve’s work, not the inputs. It makes entrepreneurship seem like a glorious job consisting of stage performances and dramatic conversations. The continuous strategic decision-making, product iterations, employee interviews, and perseverance which an entrepreneur puts forth to keep his team’s morale high despite the uncertainty and setbacks aren’t addressed.

While this makes for entertaining viewing, trying to draw any other conclusions from the movie would be misleading.