Requesting meeting invites

I recently came across the following tweet from Sean Percival, a partner at 500 Startups.

Basically, Sean shares how some people request others to send a meeting invite after a meeting has been agreed upon. It has happened to me many times, and it has likely happened to most of the readers of this blog. As Sean points out, the underlying message which the person requesting the meeting invite is sending is that their time is more valuable than yours, and that they are therefore more valuable than you.

The most successful people I know don’t make such requests. They either schedule their own meetings, or include their assistants on meeting correspondences so that their assistant can send the invite. This places them on equal footing with you.

This approach makes sense because, if they took the meeting, it’s likely that they believe that they will also draw value from meeting you. And they recognize that it’s less likely that they’ll be able to draw this value if they don’t treat you as an equal.

It’s a small detail, but one which sets the tone for the meeting. And the tone impacts the outcome.