Don’t outsource your thinking

The holiday season is in full swing in the US. I can tell by the slow trickle of emails that I’m getting from our US companies.

Turkey doesn’t have long formal holidays around Christmas or the New Year. The 1st of January is off and that’s it. Despite this, there’s been a noticeable slowdown in business activity in Turkey as well. This is likely because many people are taking holidays outside of the formal ones, companies with business partners in countries that more extensively celebrate Christmas and the New Year are seeing no workflow arriving from their partners, and the prospect of the New Year is putting people in a festive mindset where they want to work less.

This slowdown in work gave me some time to reflect on my blog. I started writing on a daily basis this year, and so a lot of content has accumulated. With a few exceptions where I share personal topics, the content tends to reflect a combination of developments in the tech sector and the companies we’ve invested in, together with my thoughts and recommendations from analyzing these developments.

What I want to highlight here is a caveat regarding these thoughts and recommendations. Specifically, I encourage you to take them as a departure point to perform your own critical thinking rather than blanket truths. The reason is that each analysis is contextual.

When I share a specific company’s new product feature, that doesn’t mean that that same product feature will work for your company. When I share a certain company’s progress metrics, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be evaluating your company’s performance based on those same metrics. When I share a specific way in which I evaluate investments, that doesn’t mean that that same perspective will work for all investors.

Each thought and recommendation I share is contextual. This is why I also do my best to share the context of each post (within the limits of respecting our companies’ confidential information) together with my thoughts and recommendations. To get real value out of the posts, I encourage you to read each post in light of its context, think about ways in which your context is similar and different, and arrive at conclusions which make sense for your specific context.

Don’t outsource your thinking.