Cetin from Kapgel

I wrote about Kapgel, our investment in the on-demand goods delivery space, in an earlier post from July.

Cetin Oztoprak, Kapgel’s founder, was recently on CNBC-e where he spoke about Kapgel and the growth of mobile apps that deliver a local and personalized experience.

In the interview, Cetin shares some of the most interesting orders placed on Kapgel. These include an order for a quarter gold coin which is a common gift at Turkish weddings, a watermelon, and women’s stockings.

At the time of my original post in July, Kapgel was only available on the European side of Istanbul and only accessible on iOS. It now also serves the Asian side of the city, and is also available on Android. These geographic and platform expansions have helped it grow by 7% per week as Cetin shares in his talk.

Cetin concludes by sharing Kapgel’s goal of serving everyone for whom saving the average of 45 minutes necessary to go out, buy something, and come back to their original location is more valuable than Kapgel’s 4.99 TL service fee.

You can watch the full talk in Turkish below.