Being a millionaire

David Heinemeier Hansson is the creator of the Ruby on Rails web application framework, and founder and CTO of project management tool Basecamp. David is a dollar millionaire and he writes about his thoughts on what this means in this post.

If you’re already in this position, you’re likely to be familiar with much of what David shares in the post.

And if you’re not, the post may remind you that despite not being a millionaire, you likely already have all you need to be happy. As David shares:

“If anything, I began to appreciate even more intently that flow and tranquility were the true sources of happiness for me all along. It was like I had pulled back the curtain on that millionaire’s dream and found, to my surprise, that most of the things on the other side were things I already had. Equal parts shock and awe, but ultimately deeply reassuring.”

However, even though you know deep down that you already have all you need to be happy, you still may not accept it. Sometimes you just have to discover for yourself. As David shares:

“It’s funny, though, because I remember rich people trying to tell me this before I was rich. Not necessarily in person, but through clever or modest-profound quotes and interviews. And I remember always thinking “yeah, that’s easy for you to say now — you got yours”. It’s not lost on me that most people reading this will probably feel the same. It’s just the natural, instinctual reaction.”