Advice to your younger self

I was recently thinking about how I would have behaved differently when I was younger if I had known what I know now. To flesh this out in more detail, I divided the last 15 years of my life into increments of 5 and wrote out my current 29 year old self’s advice to my 15, 20, and 25 year old selves.

There was a strong pattern which emerged in my recommendations. In each case, I was advising my younger self to not worry about something that appeared to be very important and over which I was worrying a lot at the time. Sometimes it was a personal issue, sometimes a professional worry, and sometimes an educational one. But each piece of advice was basically to not worry because, although I could not see it at the time, things would eventually work out.

Of course I have things which worry me now as well. And I’ll have things which will worry me in the future. But chances are that at each present age, my older self will look back to my present self and tell him that I didn’t need to worry that much.

Things will somehow work out. And knowing this feels good.