Stowaway products

I wrote about our investment in direct-to-consumer right-sized cosmetics brand Stowaway in earlier posts here and here.

Since Stowaway currently doesn’t ship outside of the US, my wife had yet to try the products. We therefore ordered them to our hotel during our recent US trip for her to try them out. The bottom line is that she can’t wait for international shipping to be made available so that she can be a regular Stowaway customer. For the first iteration of Stowaway’s products, that’s pretty impressive.

You can read my wife’s detailed feedback on Stowaway’s individual products below. And if you live in the US and would like to place an order, you can get a complimentary mascara for all orders above $75 placed through this link.

“As I am getting ready to purchase my second kit before Cankut comes back home – please try to get international shipping sorted:) – here is my feedback:

-Eyeliner: loved it, small size and overall texture makes it way easier to put on, doesn’t smudge. Very well done, my favorite product of the kit

-BB cream: never bought a BB cream as each one I tried before had very little coverage and/or did not blend perfectly. This one was the best BB cream I have ever tried. Good coverage, will definitely re-purchase

-Blush: Wish the color was a bit more obvious as I am rather pale (got burnt rose), but overall natural looking blush. I imagine it works for most people

-Concealer: Good, same quality as a Dior or Chanel one

-Mascara: I like big lashes, not for me. Although I prefer small-sized mascaras to avoid drying out, I find the formula and the brush of Stowaway rather simple, not as effective as many products out there. I would compare it to a CoverGirl mascara.

-Lipstick: Got scarlet, which was probably a bad idea. Unlike the eyeliner, the small size makes of lipstick makes it a bit harder to put on though, perhaps a lipglow could work better in this size. Buying makeup online is tough regardless, not sure if you accept returns for non-subscription purchases. A risky move, but I think a major driver of Sephora’s success

Overall, loved Stowaway when I tried it!”