Insider’s international presence

I wrote about our customer acquisition and conversion optimization SaaS startup Insider in an earlier post. Insider is a rare example of a SaaS company emerging from Turkey.

The reason why there are few SaaS companies created in Turkey is because, unlike e-commerce, marketplace, and classifieds businesses whose local operational requirements give an advantage to local players, SaaS businesses tend to compete globally. Turkish startups have traditionally chosen to focus on serving local needs rather than engaging in global competition.

Insider is an exception. In addition to its Turkish operations, Insider has offices in London, Dubai, and Moscow. It serves leading players in each of these markets including Trendyol, eBay, Aramex, and Lamoda. The company recently opened its Warsaw office and plans to open additional offices in Saudi Arabia, Italy, Brazil, and Spain throughout 2016.

Rather than being content with playing in its own backyard, Insider is pursuing a much more ambitious goal. And it is doing so successfully. Insider’s performance in the geographies it has entered so far shows that it’s possible for a SaaS company headquartered in Turkey to succeed in international waters.

I hope that Insider serves as a role model which accelerates the creation of new SaaS businesses in Turkey.