During my San Francisco visit, I had the opportunity to try out multiple local on-demand meal delivery services. The ones I tried were Bento, Munchery, Spoonrocket, and Sprig. We’re investors in Bento, so I may be biased, but I thought that Bento delivered the best experience.

Three things matter to me when ordering food. The first is the taste of the meal, the second is how fast it arrives, and the third is its price.

I ordered the Tahitian tuna with four sides on Bento, the pan roasted cod on Munchery, the Santa Fe grilled achiote salad on Spoonrocket, and the mustard caper chicken frisee salad on Sprig.

The Tahitian tuna and pan roasted cod both tasted great. The others were also good, but not quite at the level of the first two.

In terms of delivery speed, Bento delivered in 23 minutes, Munchery in 73, Spoonrocket in 23, and Sprig in 35. With the exception of Munchery, the delivery times of the other services were acceptable.

Finally, in terms of price, the all-in price (including delivery fees) was $15 for Bento, $17 for Munchery, $11.70 for Spoonrocket, and $13.75 for Sprig. The relatively close range of prices made me evaluate the services based on the taste of the meals and how fast they arrived.

Bento was the only service that excelled on both taste and delivery speed. The company is operating at a smaller scale than its competitors, so it’s going to be essential for it to retain its performance on both attributes as it scales. But if it can, it will be in great shape.

Bento currently delivers to SOMA and the Financial District. If you live or work in these areas of San Francisco and want to try them out, you can use the promotion code CANKUT1 to get $5 off your first order.