Tech celebrities

Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, a late night talkshow in the US, featured three US tech company CEO’s as guests in the past week.

First up was Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX, then Travis Kalanick of Uber, and finally Tim Cook of Apple.

Although the interviews don’t contain unique insights that haven’t been covered elsewhere, they’re an important reflection of the significant mainstream interest in what tech companies are doing in the US. An interview on a business channel shows that tech companies appeal to people who follow the tech sector, but an interview on a late night talkshow shows that tech companies appeal to everyone. Technology is part of the population’s daily lives and this has transformed the leaders of the companies building these technologies into celebrities.

We used to have sports stars and movie stars, and now we have tech stars. Stars serve as role models for the next generation, so the rise of tech stars is a great signal for the future of the tech sector.

I believe that the trend of tech celebrities will only grow stronger as technology touches more and more of the daily lives of an ever growing number of people. I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing tech leaders on late night shows in Turkey as well. I believe that the next generation of Turkey’s youth would be well served with such role models.