Meal Box’s removal from Yemeksepeti

Turkey’s leading tech news platform Webrazzi published an article yesterday covering our on-demand healthy Turkish meal company Meal Box’s removal from Yemeksepeti, Turkey’s leading online food ordering marketplace. I wrote about what Meal Box is doing in earlier posts here and here.

In the article, Webrazzi points to TechCrunch’s coverage of Meal Box as the reason for the departure. Specifically, the article claims that the title of the TechCrunch article, “With $3.6 Million In Funding, Meal Box Is Building A Turkish Food Delivery Empire”, and my quote at the end of the article, “The need for healthy, home-cooked Turkish food is clear when you visit Yemeksepeti, the leading online food ordering marketplace in Turkey, and the majority of restaurants serve fast food and doner kebabs [Turkish street food]”, were the main reasons why Yemeksepeti removed Meal Box from its marketplace.

The first full week of Meal Box’s removal from Yemeksepeti ended yesterday. While there has been a natural decline in Meal Box sales as a result of the removal, the effect has been smaller than I anticipated. The Meal Box team has taken successful action on multiple fronts to attract users to its own platforms. In fact, Meal Box’s own channels have already recaptured the majority of the sales that it lost from Yemeksepeti. This shows that Meal Box customers choose to order from Meal Box because of the high quality food and service that the company offers rather than its availability in a restaurant marketplace.

The initial signs suggest that Meal Box is going to be much better off by building its customer base through its own channels, both in terms of securing customer loyalty and achieving better margins. Sometimes a short-term loss is exactly what’s necessary to capture a long-term opportunity.

As for my quote, I think that the Webrazzi article gives it more credit than it deserves. From our discussions with the Yemeksepeti team, I know that it was just one of the many parts of the article which contributed to Yemeksepeti’s decision.

In addition, the quote certainly wasn’t premeditated. I was surprised by Yemeksepeti’s reaction as they had been an important and valuable partner for Meal Box, as I believe Meal Box had been for them. I therefore can’t take credit for the benefits which are accruing, and I believe will continue to accrue to Meal Box as a result of the removal.

The quote is simply an example of what can happen when good intentions and luck come together. If it contributes in its own small way to Meal Box’s long-term success, this would make me very happy. When you have good intentions, things have a funny way of working out.