Ininal, where we’re investors, is the largest prepaid debit card in Turkey. When the company first started off, it was primarily used by users looking to limit their financial exposure in a specific transaction to the prepaid amount on the card. However, it has since grown to accommodate many other use cases. For example, Ininal now also serves unbanked customers while also acting as a gift card as part of retailers’ promotional campaigns.

Recently, Ininal took an important step forward to further expand its range of use cases. Ininal launched its mobile wallet app, available on both iOS and Android. The app currently lets you upload your Ininal card details in order to see your account balance and transaction history. However, this is just the first version.

Ininal will gradually add new features like account creation, top-ups, money transfers, and payments to the app. The company’s ultimate goal is to become the consumer payments solution with the greatest ease of use and widest partner network in Turkey and the region.

The newly launched apps are a strong step in the right direction.