In the US

I’m going to be in the US over the next 3 weeks. It’s going to be a combination of work and fun.

The fun part comes first, where my wife and I will be┬áremembering the times we spent in Boston. Even though we were there during the same years, our paths never crossed. It’s going to be fun to share our best memories of the city, laugh at the overlaps, and build new memories together.

We’ll then be heading to San Francisco. There, I’ll be doing most of the showing around as I spent several years living there and my wife visited the city once in the past.

After my wife heads back to Turkey, I’ll be sticking around in San Francisco for two weeks to meet with our local startups, new entrepreneurs, and investors.

I’ll continue posting on this blog in the mornings but due to the time difference between Turkey and the US, the posts will appear around 7 to 10 hours later than usual each day.