Donating on Kapgel

It’s the Feast of Sacrifice in Turkey right now. This is a time when Turkish people help others who are less fortunate than themselves. It’s a Muslim holiday so Muslims across the world do the same.

As part of the holiday, our on demand goods delivery marketplace Kapgel has partnered with three charitable organizations, Losev which supports children with leukemia, the Kasimpasa Children’s Home, and the Turkish Red Crescent (the equivalent of the Red Cross in Turkey) for Kapgel users to donate clothing and other gifts to theseĀ organizations.

All you need to do to make a donation is enter the organization’s address in the delivery field within the Kapgel app. You can find the addresses here. Kapgel then delivers the donation to the organization. I used it to send a t-shirt to Losev.

These partnerships are an example of the great work being performed by the KapgelĀ team. I hope they serve as a role model for other startups.