Another great visual

In an earlier post, I wrote about the importance of strong visuals and how they can often communicate a message much more vividly and memorably than written or spoken text. The example I used in the post showed how ride sharing would lower traffic in a city using a visual simulation of the traffic across time in the presence and absence of ride sharing.

Another positive impact of ride sharing is on pollution. As more rides are shared, there will be less cars on the road, and less cars on the road means lower CO2 emissions. Electric vehicles also contribute to achieve the same cause, and their widespread adoption is the holy grail to eliminate CO2 emissions from cars, but, in the meantime, ride sharing is an imperfect but valuable solution.

Here’s a great visual on the impact of getting cars off the road in Beijing, where the government recently banned the usage of 2.5 million of the city’s 5 million cars for 2 weeks in advance of a military parade. Hundreds of factories were also shut down during the time so cars aren’t fully responsible for the change. However, the directional effect is clear.