A great visual

I wrote about how technology can help us decrease traffic in an earlier post called Solving our transport problem.

In the post, I mentioned that ride sharing is one of the solutions and we’ve backed Lyft in the US and Volt in Turkey who are working to make this happen. Another company in the space is Uber that is working towards the same goal with their UberPool service. I recently came across the following video about UberPool.

I really liked the part of the video which shows the current traffic in San Francisco side by side with a simulation of what traffic would look like if UberPool were being used. Although there is no mention of the simulation assumptions, like what percentage of rides are taking place with a ride sharing service and how many passengers are in each shared ride, it’s a very strong visual.

Rather than simply stating that ride sharing will reduce traffic, the visual representation of the impact makes it more vivid and memorable. This makes it more likely for whoever’s watching it, whether it’s a passenger deciding whether or not to use ride sharing, a driver deciding whether or not to share their rides, or a regulator deciding whether or not to support ride sharing, to take positive action.

Sometimes a great visual is much more impactful in conveying your message than written or spoken text.