Founders helping investors

I received an email from one of our founders yesterday. We have an internal email group where each of our founders can reach out to other founders to share experiences, best practices, and get help in a specific area. We also have sectoral email groups which allow our ecommerce startups, marketplace startups, SaaS startups, and so forth to talk to each other.

Our founder recommended that we create similar email groups for the functional roles at our portfolio companies. So there would be a specific group for CTO’s, another one for CMO’s, another one for COO’s, and so forth.

I think that this is a great idea. While founders have a lot to learn from each other, the same is true for the very important functional roles around our founders. Even though our email group bringing together our entrepreneurs has been active for over a year and a half, I simply hadn’t thought of establishing similar groups for functional roles. I’m setting them up right now.

This is a great example which shows that the relationship between founders and investors is best when it’s a two way street. Investors are expected to help founders, but founders also have an opportunity to help investors. I really appreciate it when the latter happens.