The entrepreneur’s decision

I came across the following tweet from Josh Hannah yesterday. Josh is a partner at VC firm Matrix Partners.

Josh says it very well. All too often, I see entrepreneurs giving too much weight to an investor’s recommendations. In Josh’s case, he says that the entrepreneur is in the business 10X what he is. That’s probably because he’s invested in 10 companies. We have over 50 investments so in our case, our entrepreneurs are in the business 50X what we are.

We’re likely to have seen a similar situation as the one you’re facing play out at another company in the past, and can give you guidance on what factors to take into account in your decision based on those experiences. In other words, we can provide you with a framework to assist your decision making. We’ll also share our thoughts on what we believe is the best course of action based on that framework.

However, you know the specific circumstances of your company much better than we do. Sometimes those specific circumstances will dictate the same course of action we recommend, and sometimes they’ll call for a different approach. As the entrepreneur, it’s your decision.