Board meeting preparation

I recently attended the board meeting of our startup Insider. I wrote about what Insider does two days ago.

The day before our meeting, the founders Hande Cilingir and Serhat Soyuerel shared the meeting’s detailed agenda. They would be presenting us with a qualitative overview of how the business is doing, sharing their financial performance, and asking for investor input in two specific areas. They also shared additional information and articles to provide us with better context to inform our recommendations.

The result was a very productive meeting. Because they had shared what they wanted to talk about in advance, each investor was able to come prepared to the meeting. Rather than spend the bulk of the meeting updating ourselves on how the company is doing, we were able to spend it on debating the key questions on the founders’ minds.

I would have preferred to receive the agenda and materials at least two days before our meeting. This gives me more time to digest the information. Although this wasn’t the case this time around, depending on what else I need to do, one day can be too short to process the information and prepare for the meeting.

However, the key takeaway is that the founders took the time to think about how they want to best use our time during the meeting, and communicated this to us so that we could come prepared. This made the meeting much more productive. I wish more founders did this.