AngelPad is a seed accelerator program in the US. It doesn’t get as much media attention as Y Combinator, Techstars, or 500 Startups, but the 2015 Seed Accelerator Rankings Project recently ranked it as the top accelerator in the US. Granted, Y Combinator now classifies itself as a seed fund rather than a seed accelerator which is why it isn’t featured on the list. However even if it were being second best after Y Combinator is a big success.

AngelPad’s biggest success so far is mobile advertising startup MoPub which was acquired by Twitter for $350M. We’ve also looked at multiple AngelPad companies and invested in two: Arthena and ValetAnywhere.

We consistently find that the founders come with the right experience for the specific startup they’re working on. For example, Madelaine, the founder of art co-investment platform Arthena, has an educational and work background in art, and Rob and Lawrence, the founders of on-demand valet app ValetAnywhere built and exited a mobile startup in the past.

The founders are also very well prepared for investor presentations. They’ve thought about the different questions which are likely to come from investors and address these head on in their presentations or succinctly in your conversations with them. This is likely the result of AngelPad working with only 12 to 14 startups per semi-annual batch. This allows AngelPad’s husband and wife founders Thomas Korte and Carine Magescas, and their teammates and mentors, to spend a lot of time with each startup.

Ahish Krishna, the founder of Mammoth, a company in AngelPad’s current batch, recently wrote about what it’s like to participate in AngelPad. It’s a great resource for founders thinking about applying to the accelerator and investors looking to understand the AngelPad process.

We actually looked into Mammoth a few months ago and were very impressed with Ashish and his co-founder Karan Gupta. The only reason we didn’t invest is because we’re not sufficiently familiar with the publishing space so we wouldn’t be the right investors for them.

We’re happy investors in Arthena and ValetAnywhere, and look forward to the opportunity to work with more of AngelPad’s great startups in the future.