Bitaksi uses gamification to promote competition and high quality service among its taxi drivers.

Umut Buyukyildirim covers many aspects of Bitaksi’s gamification system in his blog post in Turkish. For example, you can see how Bitaksi offers base case rewards to drivers according to the number of rides they complete while offering even higher incremental rewards for rides paid with a credit card, rides offered during times of peak demand, and rides completed on Saturday’s. Drivers also earn points for receiving 4 or 5 star ratings from passengers.

The resulting point totals determine whether a driver has Classic, Silver, Gold, or Elite status. In addition to serving as markers of achievement, these tiers allow drivers to earn performance-based gifts like smartphones.

Bitaksi has focused on gamifying the driver side of its marketplace so far. This is because the immediate benefits of gamification are greatest there. However, the company also has the opportunity to gamify the passenger side of its platform. Whereas drivers need to be equally incentivized by the number of rides they complete and the quality of service that they offer, the number of rides they complete will likely be the most important factor to motivate passengers.