Frustrated with your taxi experience? Try Bitaksi

Bitaksi is our investment in the taxi-hailing space. At its core, Bitaksi is a mobile app (iOS version here and Android version here) that connects travelers with taxi drivers. Until recently, its main advantages over alternative ways of hailing a taxi were the traditional advantages of technological marketplaces. Among these are the removal of the taxi stop which traditionally served as the middle man while calling a taxi, Bitaksi’s driver rating feature which provides consumers with insight about the quality of drivers, and the overall increase in liquidity which Bitaksi provides to both travelers and drivers.

The increase in liquidity is particularly important for taxi drivers as, by using Bitaksi, they can get new jobs regardless of the termination point of their last journey. Under the taxi spot model, taxis needed to return to their geographic home base to find a new job and this created a loss of efficiency and revenue for the driver. As a result of these core advantages, Bitaksi has amassed over 200,000 users and 3,400 taxi drivers in the 8 months since its March 2013 launch.

However, as of the end of October, Bitaksi got even better. With the introduction of three new features, Bitaksi is now positioned to permanently change the taxi industry in Turkey.

The first feature is the introduction of in-app credit card payments. Thanks to this feature, travelers and drivers no longer need to worry about carrying around change. The introduction of in-app credit card payments also makes it easier for travelers to calculate tips and reward high quality drivers for their service. This will be the first widespread application of mobile payments to everyday life in Istanbul.

The second feature is in-app traffic information. This is particularly important for drivers in a city like Istanbul where minimizing traffic, both while on the job and while traveling to pick up a new job, is crucial to maximize efficiency and income.

The final feature is real-time event information. Once again, this feature is very useful for drivers. It provides them with a continuous stream of reliable information on the ending of large events which are a large source of new jobs.

Coupled with the excellent, user friendly design of the Bitaksi app, these important features are why I use Bitaksi every time I’m looking for a cab. Check it out, and you might also get hooked.