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Twitter product features inspired by the Oscars

Yesterday morning, I saw a stream of tweets in my feed from different people all sharing a mishap that occurred at the Oscars. I couldn’t grasp what had happened at first but as I read more tweets I eventually discovered that La La Land had mistakenly been given the Oscar for Best Picture in place of its actual recipient Moonlight.

Naturally, what I wanted to do next is to see video footage of how the mishap took place and how it was corrected. I imagine that many Twitter users wanted to do the same. And that’s when I went off Twitter.

After searching for a few minutes on the web, I eventually came across the footage.

However, I’m sure that the same footage had been shared by some accounts on Twitter. I just didn’t happen to follow them. If Twitter had presented me with that video footage together with the tweets I was reading, I wouldn’t have left Twitter and I would have had a much better Twitter experience.

Twitter actually does have a feature to show such video footage to you. It’s in a separate tab called Moments. However, users want to see relevant video footage juxtaposed with the textual tweets they’re reading. Going to a separate tab is a behavior with as much friction as going to a separate website for the user and, partly because of this reason, Moments usage hasn’t taken off.

If the clearly relevant curated video content within Moments were presented at the right position in the main feed of users who follow several people who share a burst of tweets about a specific topic, the experience of the main feed would improve and Twitter wouldn’t need to be two products lumped into one (or at the very least, if Twitter chooses to keep Moments, the Moments experience wouldn’t be any worse).