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Besiktas wins the Turkish soccer championship

As the beginning of the summer nears, several major sports seasons are coming to an end. Last week, I wrote about how Turkish basketball club Fenerbahce won Europe’s top basketball club competition, the Euroleague. This week I’m writing to congratulate Besiktas on winning Turkey’s soccer championship.

My dad is a Besiktas supporter. Supporting a club is one of those things that often gets passed down from father to son. However, I chose to support one of Besiktas’s rivals, Galatasaray, as a child. While this created some tension during games between Besiktas and Galatasaray when I was younger, it has since turned into effectively having two chances of being happy at the end of the season. We’re both happy whether Besiktas or Galatasaray wins.

I was on a late evening walk when Besiktas won the game that gave it this year’s championship yesterday evening. I could immediately tell by the supporters who took to the streets by foot and car, chanting Besiktas slogans and waving the club’s flags. I was happy for them, as I was for my father.

Besiktas played the best soccer in Turkey this year, so it was a season when the best team won. Congratulations Besiktas.