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Video assistant referee technology in soccer

In a May 2016 post entitled “Technology in soccer”, I wrote that “Now that (video recording and replay) technology¬†is available (through smartphones) to everyone in the heat of the moment, the power is shifting from FIFA to the fans. I think that the fans will eventually vote to preserve the true spirit of soccer (by using video recording and replay technology to help referees make the right in-game decisions)”.

Fast forward about a year and video recording and replay technology is indeed being used to help referees make the correct in-game decisions. Specifically, in yesterday’s 3rd place Confederations Cup game between Portugal and Mexico, the referee paused the game to use video assistant referee technology to correctly award Portugal a penalty.

While using the video assistant referee causes a momentary delay in the game, it’s well worth the resulting benefit of promoting fairness in the sport. Well done FIFA.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a video of the video assistant referee as used in yesterday’s game, but here’s a video of the first time that it was used in Australia’s top soccer league, the A-League.

Leading by Alex Ferguson and Mike Moritz

I recently read the book Leading by former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson. The book also features an epilogue from Sequoia Capital chairman Mike Moritz. Many of the lessons which Alex shares for running a soccer team are equally valid for running a VC fund.

Specifically, Alex’s insights in areas like talent recognition and motivation, owner management, and media communications helped me consolidate and draw learnings from my experiences over the last few years. I imagine that most of these lessons are equally valid for creative roles other than football management and venture capital which also have very high returns to talent and involve working together with multiple stakeholders.

Featuring many tangible and candid examples, Leading is the best book I’ve read on how to operate in such a role. You can check it out here.